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Tyra Banks (b. 1973) is a supermodel who hosts the reality series Americas Top Model & is the host of her own syndicated talk show The Tyra Show.

Tyra made a brief cameo alongside Cindy Crawford & Baby Bear in Elmopalooza.

She & Elmo introduced a segment listing the winners of the "Childrens Emmy Awards", during the 2007 broadcast of the Daytime Emmy Awards.

In EPISODE 4160 of SESAME STREET, she presented the word "struggle". She later taped a season 44 segment with Abby Cadabby & a letter Z. Although it wasnt televised during the season, it appeared online through SESAME STREETs YouTube Channel. (YouTube)

On December 3rd, 2009, Elmo, Rosita & Cookie Monster appeared on her show to promote SESAME STREETs 40th anniversary, & Elmo went for a bite of Tyras neck.

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