OSCAR THE GROUCH & BIG BIRD (performed by CAROLL SPINNEY) seen together & interacting with one another.

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Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 0131
Episode 0131 scene 2 (1970)
OSCAR makes 2 brief cameos as BIG BIRD sings "Everyone Makes Mistakes." In the first, OSCAR sinks into his TRASH CAN just as BIG BIRDemerges from Hoopers Store. In the second, BIG BIRD knocks on OSCARs TRASH CAN & sings a verse as OSCAR reacts & retreats into his TRASH CAN again.
0524 04a

0524 04b

0524 04c
Episode 0524 scene 4 (1973)
OSCAR (whose dialogue is prerecorded) tells BIG BIRDhe has a beautiful new pet who can fly. BIG BIRD makes 2 guesses as to what it could be, which are both segues into animal film inserts. OSCAR finally reveals that his new pet is actually a fly named Frank, who lands on BIG BIRDsBEAK.
1040 02
Episode 0130 scene 2 (1977)
BIG BIRD tells OSCAR to let HIM inside his TRASH CAN, but OSCAR refuses. BIG BIRD snaps back with a GROUCHY attitude, which impresses OSCAR so much that he invites BIG BIRD in.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-CEOSS
Christmas Eve on SESAME STREET (1978)
OSCAR & BIG BIRD appear in 4 scenes together. In the first, taking place outside the skating rink, OSCAR plants the idea that Santa Claus may not be able to fit through the chimney to deliver presents, which concerns Patty & BIG BIRD. BIG BIRD proposes a couple of ways Santa Claus can come down the chimney to OSCAR in 2 scenes during the "True Blue Miracle" number . OSCAR, near the end of the special, enters Gordon & Susans apartment to spring BIG BIRD a question about the Easter Bunny.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 1902
Episode 1902 scene 1 (1984)
In BIG BIRDs fantasy, showcasing Barkley as the worlds smartest COUNTing dog, OSCAR appears to ask Barkley, "how many people live in China?"
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-FTB
Follow That BIRD (1985)
Early in the film, BIG BIRD crashes near OSCARs TRASH CAN area while rollerskating, prompting OSCAR to laugh & say "Nice work, TURKEY!" Later, as BIG BIRD is about to leave SESAME STREET, HE says goodbye to OSCAR. Touched, OSCAR replies, "Thats the nicest thing YOUve ever said to ME." & once BIG BIRD is out of sight, we see OSCAR, visibly sad that BIG BIRD is gone.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-PAG&S
Play-Along Games & Songs (1986)
BIG BIRD peeks from behind his doors to recruit 2 kids who are seen laughing with OSCAR. BIG BIRD briefly greets OSCAR, who ducks into his TRASH CAN.
2549 i
EPISODE 2549 scene 4 (1989)
BIG BIRD relays the news to OSCAR that his seagull, STINKY, has gone to live with her bird friends & wont be coming back. OSCAR stays inside his TRASH CAN, opening his LID slightly at first, & is heard in voice-over until BIG BIRD leaves.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 2709
Episode 2709 scenes 1 & 2 (1990)
BIG BIRD hears SNUFFYs voice & peeks from behind HIS doors. SNUFFY tells BIG BIRD hes talking to OSCAR, who responds "Yeah!" After BIG BIRD leaves, CAROLL SPINNEY switches to performing OSCAR. In the next scene, BIG BIRD has a conversation with OSCAR. OSCAR is partially heard in voice-over from inside his TRASH CAN, but he briefly pops up for a 1-on-1 with BIG BIRD when he describes how people stand around his TRASH CAN. The camera cuts from OSCAR to BIG BIRD staring at him before cutting back.

Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-SSHVVTH
SESAME STREET Home Video Visits the Hospital (1990)
OSCAR is one of BIG BIRDs visitors during HISstay at the hospital, commenting that the place is so clean, it makes him sick. Later, when BIG BIRD& Maria arrive on SESAME STREET, OSCAR is the first person to (sort of) welcome them home, announcing "Hey, the TURKEYs back, & HE looks disgustingly healthy." BIG BIRD responds "Hi, OSCAR."
2805 i
Episode 2805 scene 3 (1991)
BIG BIRD & TELLY debate over whether OSCAR is light green or dark green, so they try to get him to come up from his TRASH CAN & show his face. OSCAR stays concealed & makes comments (in voice-over) to shoo them away. BIG BIRD, TELLY, & Kaitlin pretend to leave the premises, & OSCAR eventually comes up only to get spotted by them.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird BBBOLMEC
BIG BIRDs Birthday or Let ME Eat Cake (1991)
OSCAR appears during the opening number "BIG BIRDs Beautiful Birthday Bash" plucking some FEATHERS off of BIG BIRD. When BIG BIRD exclaims "Ouch!" a second time, Gina scolds OSCAR, who explains "I only tried to put THEM back."
2977 g
Episode 2977 scene 3 (1992)
In an imaginary scenario, OSCAR pops up & berates BIG BIRD for moving HIS NEST in front of his TRASH CAN.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 3158
Episode 3158 scene 3 (1993)
OSCAR & BIG BIRD are seen together in a brief shot as Elmo & the others head off to the next golf hole.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-LTS
Learning to Share (1996)
QT 1b
Quiet Time (1997)
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 3656
Episode 3656 scene 1 (1997)
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird 3661
Episode 3661 scene 1 (1997)
3698 concerns
EPISODE 3698 (1998)
CAROLL SPINNEY performs BIG BIRD in the cold open, & switches to performing OSCAR for the rest of the Street plot. BIG BIRD (whose lines are prerecorded by CAROLL SPINNEY, & puppeteered by MATT VOGEL[1]) makes occasional comments to SNUFFY as the WASA space shuttle prepares for liftoff.
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird BBGL
Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird-Elmopalooza
Elmopalooza (1998)
4041 a

4041 j
EPISODE 4041 (2003)
CAROLL SPINNEY performs OSCAR throughout the entire Street story. BIG BIRD(whose dialogue is prerecorded) only appears in a cameo at the beginning of Scene 1, where HE greets the viewer & briefly interacts with OSCAR, & in Scene 3.
That Song 06
Whats the Name of That Song? (2004)
In several scenes throughout the video, OSCAR torments BIG BIRD into finding out "Whats the Name of That Song?"
4625 d
Episode 4625 (2016)
Elmo & Abby Cadabby tend to BIG BIRDs boo-boo & give HIM a choice of RAINBOW or BIRDIE bandages. OSCAR watches from nearby, disgusted,asking who needs boo-boo bandages. BIG BIRD replies "I doto cover, protect, & heal MY boo-boo."


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OSCAR & BIG BIRD in the same scene, but as part of an ensemble.



  1. On-set photo

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