Grouchytown Velma
PERFORMER Camille Bonora
DEBUT 1989

Velma is a GROUCHYtown resident who appeared in a pair of 1989 episodes of SESAME STREET.

She first appears in EPISODE 2538 as a part of a tour group from GROUCHYtown (with OTTO & WORBY). OSCAR shows them around SESAME STREET, introducing them to the non-GROUCH culture of the area. VELMA considers herself brave when she becomes the only GROUCH on the tour to sample some of the local food (Gordons normal turkey salad sandwich).

She appears again in EPISODE 2648, where OSCAR now visits GROUCHYtown, joined by Bob. The episode establishes VELMA as the owner & operator of the Break-It Shop (the GROUCH version of the Fix-It Shop), where shes seen damaging a young GROUCHs new-looking toaster.




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