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WASA is the WORM Air & Space Agency, the WORM equivalent of NASA, located at 25 Wiggle Way Station in the Cape Canaveral MUD Flats.

In a 1998 SESAME STREET episode, the agency recruits SLIMEY for a mission to the moon.[1] Staffed by a WASA training officer & several highly trained WORMS technicians, they oversee the testing of a team of brave astronauts.

The roster includes Spaghettini from Italy, Squishta from Romania, Legusano from Colombia, Squashimi from Japan, Slogoshki from Poland, other WORMS from Puerto Rico & Zambia, & Selma WORM, who is actually a chicken dressed as a WORM.

Five WORMS are ultimately chosen as the crew of the Wiggleprise. Their mission is administered from a control center based on SESAME STREET, led by Professor Albert Einslime. It is this same crew of WORMS that can be seen in the recurring WORMS in Space sketches.

Einslime & WASA returned to SESAME STREET in 2007 to launch SLIMEYs girlfriend Glo WORM into space.[2] As before, WORMS technology couldnt sufficiently launch the rocket without some help from a Muppet; in this case the number 0, who saved the day by standing in for the final number of the COUNTdown.




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