Grouchytown Worby
DEBUT 1989

WORBY is a GROUCHYtown resident who appeared in a pair of 1989 episodes of SESAME STREET.

In EPISODE 2538, he, VELMA & OTTO venture away from GROUCHYtown to tour SESAME STREET, as led by OSCAR THE GROUCH. WORBY is shown to be the least-prepared of the troupe, neglecting to bring a hat in case any locals try to pat his head. Sure enough, he suffers a pat on the head from nearly every human they encounter.

EPISODE 2648 sees OSCAR now making a pilgrimage to GROUCHYtown, joined by Bob. The two stop at WORBYs Store (the towns equivalent to Hoopers Store), which serves nothing but GROUCH delicacies. The menu makes Bob nauseous at first, but understands trying new foods is all a part of the traveling experience. Bob tries the special of the day, a sardine-blueberry sandwich, & finds he actually likes it. WORBY cant stand to hear such high praise spoken of his food.

The puppet was originally used as Osvaldo, el Gruñón.




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