X Train
Music by Stephen Lawrence
Lyrics by Luis Santeiro
Date 1988
Publisher SJL Music Co.

"X TRAIN" is a SESAME STREET song by OSCAR THE GROUCH & his girlfriend GRUNDGETTA on SESAME STREET. The 2 GROUCHES are shown at OSCARs TRASH CAN together. OSCAR is holding a small picture of the letter X & GRUNDGETTA is holding a small picture of a Train.

They start to say "X" & "train" to each other over & over, something Gordon only sees as an argument, & so he asks them what it is theyre arguing about this time. Immediately, the GROUCHES insist theyre not arguing, just getting ready to sing a song about a train, which is called the "X TRAIN", which is named cause its a train that has a big letter X on it.

OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA then start singin a song about how GROUCHES travel on the X TRAIN, a train that, apparently, doesnt take any of its passengers anywhere, & that the TRAIN whistle is the only thing that they can ever get going, which GROUCHES obviously never mind being who they are. Theyre backed up by a pair of GROUCH conductors (RICHARD HUNT & MARTIN P. ROBINSON).

Then, after the song, OSCAR asks Gordon if he has any questions about the X Train, to which Gordon replies "Well, yes", but then OSCAR says "Too bad! Im not answering them!", & obviously GRUNDGETTA says "Ha! ME either!", & they start laughing as they (presumably) head back down into OSCARs TRASH CAN.

Portions of the song borrow from "Chattanooga Choo-Choo".






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